January 13, 2011

"Ca Plane Pour Moi"

Director Danny Boyle is an unparalleled curator of soundtracks with his collection of songs for Trainspotting being his pièce de résistance and perhaps one of the greatest soundtracks in film history. Don't believe me? Check out the track list. His latest film, 127 Hours, is no exception. The soundtrack features a wealth of material put together by master Bollywood composer A.R. Rahman, but the most potent musical moment originates from a different composer: Belgian songwriter and pop star Plastic Bertrand. James Franco, as the dehydrated and physically beaten climber Aron Ralston, tries to mentally escape his brutal predicament by recalling better times. In this case, a packed van of friends in the middle of nowhere, who proceed to all disrobe, crank the windows down and scream and raise their arms as snow rushes in from the outside storm. The exhilarating feeling is transferred to the audience via the thumping uptempo beat of Plastic Bertrand's 1977 international hit single "Ca Plane Pour Moi," which perhaps because of its complete randomness, works perfectly.

Vampire Weekend - "Cam Plane Pour Moi" (Live on France's Taratata)
Stream: Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Pour Moi" (from Plastic Bertrand)

Plastic Bertrand

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