November 18, 2010

The Walkmen's "Torch Song" and its Fats Domino connection

I recently chatted with the Walkmen's Peter Bauer for an article I'm writing for Malibu Magazine. He had a couple of interesting notes about the excellent Lisbon track "Torch Song" which I wasn't able to fit in the article, so here it is:

“We weren’t talking about it at the time, but it sounds to me sort of like the Velvet Underground’s “I Found A Reason,” which we really love. That song is basically a 6/8 Fats Domino song. We’ve probably taken more things from Fats Domino than anyone else, weirdly enough.”

Check out the differences for yourself:
The Walkmen - "Torch Song" 

The Velvet Underground - "I Found A Reason" 

Fats Domino - "Nothing New (Same Old Thing)"

If you've been digging on Lisbon like I have you'll enjoy Riff Raff's interview with one of their producer's Chris Zane, who spills the beans on the band's recording techniques.


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  1. FYI, just noticed it looks like Walter Martin really has to pee in this photo.