November 29, 2010

Laughing Man :: The Lovings (63-69)

The debut from the equal parts soulful and crazed Washington, DC rock outfit Laughing Man has finally arrived digitally.  The Lovings (63-69) is just a quick seven song jaunt, but these jagged, rough, and carefully deconstructed bits of potent rock and roll take several listens to digest. That's part of the beauty of the album, as the music actually matches with the character of the often lovesick and delirious narrator. There is one soft spot on the record though, the closer "Mood and Dress." A quietly plucked acoustic guitar and background vocal flourishes lend lead singer Brandon Moses an incredibly intimate and warm platform of tones to perform over, creating a rare moment of harmony and perhaps the records most accessible and subsequently brilliant moment.

Laughing Man - "Mood and Dress" (from The Lovings (63-69))

The Lovings ('63-'69) - Laughing Man

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