November 2, 2010

Adam Arcuragi - "People and Private Music" (Daytrotter)

"People and Private Music"—more or less the centerpiece of Adam Arcuragi's 2009 sophomore record I Am Become Joy—opens up into a beautiful fully realized vision in this live take recorded over at the Daytrotter studios. It proves again that Arcuragi, an undeniable talent, flourishes in a live environment. His song "Bottom of the River" became a viral sensation thanks to a New York City flea market performance recorded by La Blogotheque. On record, however, "Bottom of the River" was a dud, lacking the same ferocious enthusiasm and swinging rhythm displayed live. Mr. Arcuragi, sir: live, you are unmatched, but on record the production leaves songs muddy and restrained. Please remedy this—your songs deserve it.

Adam Arcuragi - "People and Private Music" (Daytrotter)

Adam Arcuragi

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