October 28, 2010

Lonnie Walker - "Love Turn"

Raleigh, North Carolina punk-country outfit Lonnie Walker have a beautifully frenzied and unstable energy about them, often pushing songs into galloping speeds where the path between harmony and chaos is narrow, rickety and a hell of a good time. With a split seven-inch for their new track "Love Turn" due out November 4th and a national re-release of their toe-tapping fire-lit-under-Americana's-ass debut These Old Times on December 14th, this quintet is more than poised to make its inevitable leap to a wider audience.

Lonnie Walker - "Love Turn" (from The Ink Well/Love Turn 7")
Lonnie Walker - "Summertime" (from These Old Times)
Lonnie Walker - "Feels Like Right" (from Friends and Friends of Friends)

Lonnie Walker

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