October 4, 2010

Herzog - "Abandon Love"

Search by Herzog, the project of Cleveland's Nick Tolar, is the first full-length release from Transparent and its one adorned in a classic quilt of influences, from the beautifully cavernous vocal harmony of Simon & Garfunkel to fuzzy hook-laden power pop and the wordy lyricism of Robert Zimmerman. Tolar, both as a vocalist and home recording extraordinaire, shines here as an artist capable of conquering an array of diverse textures and styles, but it's the quieter moments on Search ("Slowest Romance," "Abandon Love" and "Steady Hands" in particular) that truly resonate and occasionally raise a few goosebumps.  Grab the album for a reasonable price over at Herzog's Bandcamp.

Herzog - "Abandon Love" (from Search)

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