August 3, 2010

Erik Gage - "Little Brother"

Erik Gage, a member of the rabid Portland band White Fang as well as the curator of Gnar Tapes, releases solo music a few times a year via cassette tape. "Little Brother," taken from last year's Inner Cosmic, is a rough gem and a must listen—a bong-filled basement recording full of whistles, acoustic guitar and emotive loosely layered vocals. If you're a fan, make sure to look out for Memories—Gage's forthcoming project with fellow White Fanger Kyle Handley. And if you're a Portlander looking for new music, Gage's Gnar Tapes and local label Marriage Records are wonderful places to start.

Erik Gage - "Little Brother" (from Inner Cosmic)
White Fang - "Tall Shadow" (from Pure Evil)

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