June 9, 2010

Release Catch Up

PhotobucketDeer Tick - "Sun Street" (Katrina & The Waves cover)

"And it's good, when I'm a little high. And it's good, my glass is never dry. And it's good, when everything is spinning baby."

Deer Tick's latest, The Black Dirt Sessions, is out now. The band rips "Bitchfork" here in good fun for its recent review of the album.

PhotobucketBlitzen Trapper - "Dragon's Song"

Destroyer of the Void, the newest and best from Portland's own folk-tinged experimental rock outfit, is out now.

PhotobucketDelta Spirit - "Bushwick Blues"

History From Below is out now. "Bushwick Blues" and "Golden State" are both rollicking rootsy song of the year contenders. Can anyone wail out raspy vocals like Matt Vasquez? Only John McCauley, which makes me even more excited for their MG&V collaboration.

Stars - "Fixed"

Three free songs from one album? Thank you Stars—you can market an album any time. Their Five Ghosts is due out June 22nd.

Johnathan Rice - "The Middle of the Road"
Jenny Lewis - "Acid Tongue"

Jenny & Johnny—the aptly-titled project of Jenny Lewis and fellow Laurel Canyon musician/boyfriend Johnathan Rice—have named their record I'm Having Fun Now. Despite the cutesy cover art and potential She & Him comparisons, this could be a fantastic collaboration. Has Lewis ever made a single musical misstep in her career? Let's see: Rilo Kiley, Postal Service, Watson Twins, Elvis Costello, Traveling Wilbury's cover with M. Ward. I'm going to go with a definitive no. Here's a cover of "Love Hurts" the pair sung almost every night on Lewis's Acid Tongue tour.

Deer Tick

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