April 23, 2010

Spin: The 125 Best Albums From The Past 25 Years

Spin recently released their 125 best albums of the past 25 years list—one that found U2's Achtung Baby at the top spot. Ranking albums can be a pretty silly exercise (see the juxtaposition of Queen Latifah and M.I.A. at 102 & 103), but it's also a good chance to catch up with any records you may have missed or overlooked over the years. The best part of the list however is all the links to older issues of Spin, which you can peruse through freely and in their entirety. Perhaps you'd like to read a Q&A with Black Francis from 1988, a feature on the Replacements from 1989, or just glance through the hilarious tobacco and tape (see above) ad campaigns from the 80s.

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