March 11, 2010

Six Different Ways Inside My Heart: The Cure covered

There are some preposterously bad Cure covers out there. Here's a few that don't disappoint:

Grant Lee Phillips - "Boys Don't Cry"
The Postmarks - "Six Different Ways"
The Soft Pack - "Grinding Halt"
The Watson Twins - "Just Like Heaven"
The Get Up Kids - "Close To Me"
Mystery Jets & Esser - "In Between Days"

The Cure


  1. I like Art Brut's "Catch" but Eddie Argos is definitely one of those like-him-or-you-don't artists. Nice selection. Hadn't heard the "Grinding Halt" cover before. And Grant Lee Phillips is just great no matter what.

  2. Yea, I listened to the "Catch" cover yesterday but couldn't really get into it. And yes, Grant Lee Phillips is fantastic. His Might Joe Moon album is classic 90s.

  3. The "Get Up Kids" link is identical to the "Postmarks" link

  4. Thanks @Dangold. Fixed it.

  5. Why? "Close to Me" ...

  6. I know the voice is veryyy "EMO"ish but the drums are really freakin amazing. Plus "Close To Me" is an all-time favorite. The only other decent cover of it is by Kaki King: But that one is a little too cutesy for my taste.

  7. Personally i find the 311 cover of "Love Song" quite amazing. Highly recommend it. Besides it being one of my favorite songs anyways.