March 31, 2010

New Delta Spirit out June 8th

One of my favorite records of 2008 was Delta Spirit's Ode To Sunshine. A little bit punk rock, a touch folk and all raspy soul, the San Diego band has the ability to channel the Walkmen one minute ("Strange Vine") and a southern gospel group the next ("Trashcan"). Led by the wordy and charismatic singer Matt Vasquez, the band is now set to return with their sophomore full-length, History From Below, on June 8th. Above, you can preview "Bushwick Blues"—recorded at last year's SXSW—from the new album.

Here's the cover art for the album, which was coincidentally released right after I wrote this post. Damn interweb.

Delta Spirit - "Strange Vine" (from Ode To Sunshine)

Delta Spirit

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