March 26, 2010

First Aid Kit - "I Met Up With A King"

If you're a small band trying to get noticed, a cover song can be quite the powerful tool—a gateway drug of sorts. It draws you in—and if it's good—there's no real turning back. That's how I recently came across First Aid Kit (a bit late, I know). The folky Swedish sister duo of Johanna and Klara Söderberg performed a startlingly good version of the Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" this past SXSW that is now quickly making its way around the interweb. You can find a studio version of that cover on the band's Drunken Trees EP. But for now, take a listen to a track from the band's January full-length debut, The Big Black & The Blue. I promise these young mandolin-wielding songwriters are the real deal.

First Aid Kit - "I Met Up With A King" (from The Big Black & The Blue)

First Aid Kit

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