February 2, 2010

The Presets - "Talk Like That (Live)"

Thinking back on my favorite concerts of the past few years, I always immediately go to three shows from 2008: My Morning Jacket's near four-hour set at Bonnaroo, Bon Iver at the Black Cat, and Cut Copy at the 930 Club. Only it wasn't Cut Copy that stood out that night; instead it was the opening band—fellow dance- and synth-happy Australians The Presets. That night, the club's sound system was savaged by monstrous thumping bass and drums and elephant-sized synthesizers that seemingly latched on to my inner ear, rendering me and 1,199 other people into drunken, arms-flailing maniacs.

The Presets - "Talk Like That (Live)" (Live From Sydney - EP)
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  1. How awesome the intro to the live version of TLT is. Can't wait for their new album.