January 28, 2010

Sharon Van Etten - "Love More"

The beautifully voiced Brooklyn songwriter Sharon Van Etten, who recently released her debut record Because I Was In Love, has recorded a new song for the nonprofit arts organization Weathervane Music. The song is part of an ongoing colalboration with University of Pennsylvania's radio station WXPN titled Shaking Through. Van Etten has been a creative force over the past two years—recording Because I Was In Love along with Forest Fire's excellent Survival and lending vocals to the Antlers' Hospice—and that continues with the carefully built "Love More." It's a doozy of a ballad with a wash of harmonium and resounding bass drum centered around a harmonious duet with Cat Martino. It might just be Van Etten's best yet.

Sharon Van Etten - "Love More" (ft. Jeffrey Kish and Cat Martino)

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