January 18, 2010

Mirrors - "Hide and Seek (demo)"

I have a big thing for New Order. In fact, their 1982 single "Temptation" is my favorite song of all time (if you've ever seen the movie Trainspotting, it's an oft-quoted running motif). With that in mind, I always keep my ears out for fellow dance- and synth-friendly Brits with a knack for melody. Lately, I've been tuning into Brighton four-piece Mirrors. The band—who currently has two singles out via Moshi Moshi Records—has as much a thing for New Order as they do for Depeche Mode. The two influences can be heard in Mirrors' wide open spacing and unhurried sense of timing and development. In many ways, the best notes are always the ones that seep into your brain the slowest.

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  1. you mean Temptation by Riverside is your favorite song of all time...

  2. www.theworldofmirrors.com