January 13, 2010

Buy It Now: Vampire Weekend's Contra

In "Diplomat's Son," Vampire Weekend stretch out an M.I.A. sample, a reggae-style upbeat piano, and a 8-bit rhythmic loop into a six-minute globe- and genre-spanning dub. If elements of ska, punk, and Afro-pop were prevalent in Vampire Weekend's debut, they're emphatically pronounced and expanded upon in Contra (just listen to the Bollywood-inspired "Horchata"). The record's ambitious creativity has spawned a rare moment—one where critical acclaim and universal popularity intersect. Clearly, this is no longer a band that can fit into your back pocket (if it ever was). And that's a good thing.

Vampire Weekend - "Diplomat’s Son" (from Contra)
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  1. apparently the record's projected to top Billboard's #1 spot next week... crazy for an album this weird.