January 5, 2010

The Barnstormers - "Magdalena"

"I'm leaving you behind tonight" sings Ronald Moore over brush-beaten train engine rhythms, two-part vocal harmonies, and the jazzy puff of a New Orleans-style brass section. "Magdalena," off of Graveyard Town by Alabama's Barnstormers, is an irresistible pairing of melody and rhythm that reaches a truly original culmination when a sitar and tabla drum are thrown into the mix. Nothing quite says Alabama like traditional Indian instrumentation.

The Barnstormers - "Magdalena" (from Graveyard Town)


  1. Such a good album. I saw these guys once last year, hope I see them again.

  2. Woah! I can't believe this is on here. Barnstormers are awesome. I need to buy their cd.