December 15, 2009

"In the end, you're surrounded by your friends."

Judging solely on their name, it would be easy to dismiss New York City band Hooray for Earth as agents from Greenpeace or some other scheming do-gooders. But to pass over their Momo EP—especially its lead track, "Surrounded By Your Friends"—would be a terribly unwise decision. These electronic architects wield sunny and spacey jams brimful of tambourines and chorusing voices. It's not Brian Eno. It's not Animal Collective. But they might one day be neighbors.

Hooray For Earth - "Surrounded By Your Friends" (from Momo EP)

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  1. Too bad for Everybody Taste,Hooray For Earth would destroy Animal Collective's house with massive,evil motherboard sound if they were to ever become neighbors.

  2. Word! Love HFE.

  3. haha Score: HFE:1 AC:0