December 10, 2009

Digging For Covers: Favorites

Here's a reposting of the most popular cover songs posted on Everybody Taste this year. Enjoy.

The song "Lover's Spit" first appeared in 2002 on Broken Social Scene's second album, You Forgot It In People. Written and sung by founding-member Kevin Drew, the song's about the passing of meaningless affairs and relationships for something more, like love. In the 2004 b-sides compilation, Bee Hives, the song reappears with Leslie Feist on vocals. That same year, Feist stopped by the Black Sessions broadcast by Radio France and recorded this sparse take. While it doesn't have the emotional grandiosity of the original, Feist's blunt and tender voice and electrified clean guitar give the song a quiet and determined weight.

Feist - "Lover's Spit" (Broken Social Scene cover)

There are different types of covers. An artist can transplant a song into a different musical genre (Al Green funking up the Beatles), strip it down to emphasize lyrics and structure (Johnny Cash covering anyone), play an authentic tribute (Cat Power mimicking Dylan in I'm Not There), or rip it off for money (Uncle Kracker on "Drift Away"). And sometimes it's just for fun. Here's G. Love and Jack Johnson covering Madonna's "Holiday" off her 1983 self-titled debut. Listen for the segue into Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love."

G. Love & Jack Johnson - "Holiday" (Madonna cover)

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