November 11, 2009

Digging For Covers: Camera Obscura gets Bossy

"Tougher Than The Rest" was released on Bruce Springsteen's 1987 album Tunnel Of Love. Because of the musical influence of the time period—cheesy synthesized organs and glossy production—the song was never a favorite of mine. But recently, under the guise of different artistic visions, its developed into somewhat of an addiction. First with Mike Vogel's remix—a dreamy landscape of texture—and now with Camera Obscura's—a performance brushed with fat strokes of reverb and loose swinging instrumentation. Camera Obscura's cover is featured on their "The Sweetest Thing" single as the B-Side. It's out now.

Camera Obscura - "Tougher Than The Rest" (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Bruce Springsteen - "Tougher Than The Rest" (Mike Vogel remix)

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  1. gawd, that's fantastic!

    as a huge Bruce fan, i am always given tremendous grief for saying that i've always disliked Tunnel of Love. it's not even the production so much as the songs just seem half-formed to me.

    but i LOVE this version! weird.

  2. I actually think it's one of his better albums - lyrically/thematically (given his life at the time) and musically (combining acoustic and electronic elements like few others did).

  3. believe me, i'm well aware that i'm in the minority on this record. but to be honest, i find the music so incredibly bland that the themes are pretty much irrelevant. great lyrics can't save boring music.