October 30, 2009

The Wild Tchoupitoulas and The Rest Of New Orleans

"Indians are the rulers on the holiday," sings George "Big Chief Jolly" Landry on the lone album from The Wild Tchoupitoulas. Formed as a group of Mardi Gras Indians—ceremonial African-American Carnival revelers—The Wild Tchoupitoulas recorded in 1976 what was considered the first rock record to capture the funky New Orleans sound. It helped that the band was backed by legendary funk group The Meters as well as Landry's nephews, the Neville Brothers, who were inspired to perform as a group after the experience. The record also featured production from Allen Toussaint, a musician plenty famous in his own right.

The Wild Tchoupitoulas - "Meet The Boys On The Waterfront" (from The Wild Tchoupitoulas)

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  1. Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing info..

  2. Great
    Nice Blog

    Thank you for reviving the Wild Tchoupitoulas.
    I lived int he US at the time and let me tell you this time was a giant shock…
    I still have the record but it somewhere in the basement an I haven't heard it since 25 years at least. I must confess that I don't have the same itch when I listen to it now as we are so familiar with this type tune now… But at the time it was just NEW … Back in France all my friends were dumbfounded when listening to it.
    Thank you again.
    The whole record is worth listening to …