October 7, 2009

The Replacements - "Nowhere Is My Home"

In a March 1984 interview with the San Francisco 'zine Riding The Blinds, Replacements singer and guitarist Paul Westerberg tried to sum up the feelings about his young band:
To like us, you have to try and understand us. You can't come in and just let your first impressions lead you. Because your first impression will be of a band that doesn't play real well, is very loud, and might be drunk. Beneath that is a band that values spirit and excitement more than musical prowess. To me, that's rock and roll, and we're a rock and roll band.
The Replacements are one of the most beloved and underrated bands of the 1980s. Both a cult favorite and genuine classic rock group, their earnest anthems of disaffected youth continually prove to be timeless works of sweat-fueled and beer-soaked art. With Bob Stinson's wild and unsettled guitar riff setting the tone, the unreleased "Nowhere Is My Home" is a small sampling of the band's achievement—but nevertheless, a favorite.

The Replacements - "Nowhere Is My Home" (unreleased from UK only Boink!!)

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  1. I bought BOINK back in the 80's. "Nowhere Is My Home" and "If Only You Were Lonely" which only appear on this release are two of my favorite songs.