October 1, 2009

Looking Back: Jonathan Fire*Eater

Before the Walkmen were the Walkmen, they were Jonathan Fire*Eater; before the scorching screams of Hamilton Leithauser's vocals, there were the frenzied slurs of Stewart Lupton's. A lightning bolt of musical tenacity and originality, Jonathan Fire*Eater took the unusual path of shunning mainstream success, lasting only a year into their contract with Geffen Records before disbanding. But they live on nevertheless—in their recordings, the sounds of the Walkmen and Lupton's Child Ballads.

Jonathan Fire*Eater - "Give Me Daughters" (from Tremble Under Boom Lights)
The Walkmen - "We've Been Had" (from Live Session EP)
Child Ballads - "Cheekbone Hollows" (from Cheekbone Hollows)

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