October 13, 2009

The Blondie in the Brilliant Colors

Blondie is one of the best genre-defying bands of the 1970s: reggae, rap, funk, disco, and punk—they did it all. Which is why it's odd that the minimalist rock of San Francisco trio Brilliant Colors reminds me so much of the band, especially singer Deborah Harry. Mostly, I think it's the melodic lines of Jess Scott's vocals: simplistic, heavily rhythmic and consistently charming. The band's debut, Introducing, is out Nov. 23rd 3rd on Slumberland.

Blondie - "Union City Blue" (from Eat To The Beat)
Brilliant Colors - "Should I Tell You" (from Introducing)



  1. I don't agree with the parallel you drew but i found the tracks amazing. Thank you for the download!