October 22, 2009

Alec Ounsworth - "South Philadelphia (Drug Days)"

Alec Ounsworth has one of the freakiest voices in contemporary pop music. It's not just that he sounds like he's taken too many drugs—it's that he relishes those nasally and warped cathartic moments. And somehow, it's that voice that consistently draws me to his music. Now, two years after Clap Your Hand Say Yeah's sophomore downturn, bandleader Ounsworth is dishing out music as a solo act. And as freaky and jagged as the quivery-voiced singer's delivery is on Mo Beauty, the record has a beautifully earnest quality. Thrown together with a palette of grit and funk from a troupe of New Orleans musicians—including über talented Galactic drummer Stanton Moore—the album is an eclectic and ragged mix of songs that grows on you little by little with each spin.

Alec Ounsworth - "South Philadelphia (Drugs Days)" (from Mo Beauty)

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  1. wow what a band! (they just sold another album)