June 4, 2009

Video: MGMT - "Kids"

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people dress up in monster costumes. In MGMT's new video for "Kids" off last year's breakout debut Oracular Spectacular, the band unleashes plenty. Unfortunately for the four-year-old child in the video, the monsters predominantly appear at his expense. At least he gets to wear an MGMT headband.

It's also worth mentioning that the quote from the opening sequence is not Mark Twain. It's Friedrich Nietzsche from his Beyond Good and Evil, which either makes it a mistake or some sort of far out commentary. I'm guessing mistake.

MGMT - "Kids" (from Oracular Spectacular)



  1. that's pretty funny. I hope no monsters were harmed in the making of the video.

  2. the quote used in the intro isnt from twain its from Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. that's what I said...

  4. Its a good video - I just think it should have been all cartoon. I enjoy their music, and like to remix their tracks. Kids is a great song!