June 9, 2009

Vandaveer: I wish I could grow a beard like that

Vandaveer is an old family name of singer/songwriter Mark Charles Heidinger. It belonged to his great-grandfather, father, and in 2006 when Heidinger moved to Washington, DC, it became the name for his solo work outside of his two bands—These United States and The Apparitions. “Instead of giving it to a child, I decided to give it to a musical project,” Heidinger told me a few months back. “Songs are kind of like children. You don’t have to change diapers, but you do have to nurture them.”

Now, Heidinger is allowing his finely nurtured songs to play through the lovely pop of a vinyl record. Vandaveer's first seven-inch is out now and features "Woolgathering" and "Turpentine"—two tracks from his yet-to-be-released State-side album Divide & Conquer

I'm a fan of everything Heidinger touches—whether it's his bass guitar on the hilarious science fiction-laced sing-along "God Monkey Robot" or rowdy roots rock with fellow DC-based band These United States—but with Vandaveer his talent is laid out in full clarity, especially on the sweetly quiet melodies of "Woolgathering."

Vandaveer - "Woolgathering" (from Turpentine/Woolgathering 7-inch)
The Apparitions - "God Monkey Robot" (from As This Is Futuristic)


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