May 22, 2009

Passion Pit: Bright Colors and High Falsettos

On the Chunk of Change EP, Michael Angelakos mastered lo-fi recordings in his bedroom with an amalgamation of singer/songwriter appeal, synth-pop tones and beats, and a cute back story. On Manners, Passion Pit is now a five-person band and everything is bigger. From the dark, bright and massive synthesizers to the children's chorus, the scale is larger and so are the stakes. After a earning a massive following and subsequent hype via the blogosphere, it's amazing Angelakos delivered an album so fully realized and well-crafted. This is clearly the record the songwriter hinted at in the EP. As a fan, we might miss some of the more intimate moments on Chunk of Change like "Smile Upon Me," but Angelakos's aspirations are high and he's upped the ante. Who knows whether the band will continue its shot up to the stars, but one thing is for sure: Angelakos's burning falsetto can cut through anything that comes his way. And we'll follow him, dancing along the way. 

Passion Pit - "Little Secrets" (from Manners


  1. they make me feel like daaaancin'

  2. very nice write-up, but they must be an acquired taste that I have not acquired. they make me feel like putting ear plugs in. he could keep writing and playing, but should pass the microphone to someone with a voice instead of that screech.