April 6, 2009

Live: Langhorne Slim at Iota

"I'm gonna play some new songs and some old songs," said singer/songwriter Langhorne Slim as he plopped down on a wooden stool. "If you hear something you know feel free to freak out or take your pants off."

Thursday night's solo acoustic show, the only one of the tour, was a subtle display of all things endearing about Slim: a casual confidence and humor, a soulful set of pipes, and rugged and bluegrass-tinged guitar play.

His set included bare-bones versions of "Rebel Side of Heaven," "Diamonds and Gold," "Colette," and the great "Restless." An hour into the concert, it became clear that the themes of Slim's songs are fairly heavy on the redundancy—love lost, love gained, and plenty of "honeys" and "babes"—but at this point in the young songsmith's career, it's not a problem. He carries himself with a complete genuineness—at times self-deprecating and others with a bulletproof swagger. 

By the end of the night, I was convinced every woman in attendance wanted to sleep with him and every guy wanted to be him. Just another night's work. 

Langhorne Slim - "Restless" (mp3)

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