March 27, 2009

Look Out For: Local Natives

Aside from a slightly redundant name, the Local Natives, a mellifluous harmony-driven quintet from Southern California, seem primed to blow. The unsigned band will release its debut Gorilla Manor later this year. I've only heard a few tracks, but its sound is filled with layers of rich and breezy vocals with a slight melancholy tinge.

Here's a description from the band's singer/guitarist Taylor Rice via Ear Farm:
We’re really a vocal band, and we draw a lot of inspiration from ’60s harmony bands like CSNY, The Beatles, and The Zombies. Animal Collective, Annuals, and Talking Heads have had a big impact on our tribal, percussive sound. Instrumentally, I personally take an inspiration from orchestral sounding indie bands, like Broken Social Scene, The Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, and Beirut.
If we're going to name-drop every great band, the Natives also displays an ability to create intricate and sophisticated arrangements a la Grizzly Bear. Oh, and they also design their own art work, which as you can see, kicks ass.

Local Natives - World News
Local Natives - Airplanes


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  1. i look exactly like the guy second on the right...weeeeird. totally stole my hairdo.

  2. excellent! going into my collection today.