March 11, 2009

Dance Jukebox: Remixes

The art of the remix is alive and well these days with the sprawling tentacles of the interweb dishing out songs left and right. Most of the time, an added beat and a couple of effects amount to a senseless cacophony. But occasionally, a song thrives under a little stirring of the pot.

Chromeo's affinity for funky synth lines and nostalgia for all that is cheesy helped turn Feist's "Sea Lion" into a booty-shaking dance number. They do the same here with Vampire Weekend. Even if you're sick of the band, the song's worth a spin. The "Ce Jeu" remix here has that same effect: it replaces any potentially annoying and cutesy sounds with a Billy Squire beat and waves of deep and dark synths. The Cut Copy remix? That's just a great song in the hands of a different maestro.

Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Chromeo remix)

Graphic ⓒ Matt Carr


  1. i sing along the the Ce Jeu remix even though i don't know the words. annoying? probably, but it's impossible not to. soooo gooood!

  2. couldn't agree more. i like to listen to it on my walk to work--makes me feel just a little bit like a badass.