February 17, 2009

Brighten Your Day with...Vetiver

“Swing the bass / And the sing the praises of a love so fine,” sings Vetiver frontman Andy Cabic on the band's new album Tight Knit. The song, “More of this,” is a celebration of the narrator's last moments with someone before heading out onto the road: 
It won’t be long before I have to leave.
I could use more time alone with you.
That just might carry me through.
The song is a happy mess of dancing acoustic and electric guitars over a steady bass and popping snare drum. Cabic, a longtime collaborator of lovable oddball Devendra Banhart, steers away from his more experimental side on the record. Here, he's just having fun.  

Take a taste: 
Vetiver - "More of This" (mp3)

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