February 9, 2009

Look Out For: M. Ward - Hold Time

M. Ward's songs chug along like an antique coal train where—if you listen—you can hear the clunk and creak of every movement. His train is worn and filled with spit and grime, but it produces a beautiful racket. On Hold Time, due out February 17, Ward greases the wheels on the tired singer-songwriter genre and produces his best and most complete work to date.

The classically-trained guitarist finger-picks, strums, and scratches his steel strings into shuffling rhythms that crackle and pop like they're playing from an old AM station. But Ward's not just banging pots and pans. The songs on Hold Time drift just as beautifully as they drive, often providing a quiet backdrop for his achy voice.

On the album’s second track, “Never Had Nobody Like You,” Ward teams with Zooey Deschanel, the other half of throwback pop-duo She & Him. The tandem's harmony on the chorus—"Now it's just like A, B, C; Life's just like 1, 2, 3"—is a warm blanket of sweet and throaty vocals paired with fuzzy distorted guitars.

Take a taste:
M. Ward - "Never Had Nobody Like You" (mp3)

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  1. Matt - Looks awesome!! Will have a listen to more later. Great!