September 12, 2012

JJAMZ - "Cleverly Disguised"

I've been digging on the band JJAMZ (comically pronounced with a stutter on the "J") for a bit now, especially the slick Madonna-spiked synth-pop number "Heartbeat." JJAMZ is more or less a group of friends from successful Los Angeles-area bands like Phantom Planet, Rilo Kiley, and The Like. What really caught my eye though was the inclusion of Michael Runion, a promising songwriting and commanding performer I caught a few years back in an opening slot for Jenny Lewis. Runion plays yin to lead singer Z Berg's yang on the group's very best songs, providing playful call-and-response vocals and sumptuous harmonies on tracks like "LAX" and—my personal favorite—the loose, bouncy, and rollicking pop ditty, "Cleverly Disguised."

Purchase JJAMZ' debut Suicide Pact from Dangerbird Records.

JJAMZ - "Cleverly Disguised" (from Suicide Pact)


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