August 28, 2012

Breakfast In Fur :: Die Pfalz

One of our very favorite bands—and Analog Edition alumni—Breakfast In Fur have released three new tracks for the Team Love Records compilation, Die Pfalz. Though we're partial to the intimate bedroom-pop of Breakfast In Fur's EP—the whistling tea kettle, the menagerie of percussive instruments, the bright youthful chorusing voices on "Shine"—the band's creative ambitions are clearly growing, and they no longer fit inside the snug confines of home. "Whisper," "Aurora Falls," and "Setting Stone" are cinematic in scope as they swell and take-off rocket-like into grand affective sensory overloading moments. From the dark Joy Division-recalling pump of "Setting Stone" to the lyrical surges of "Aurora Falls" and masterful otherworldly charm of "Whisper," Breakfast In Fur is clearly a band on the rise.

Die Pfalz, the original name for Breakfast In Fur's hometown of New Paltz, also features fellow local outfits Shana Falana, Cycad, and Bloodletters. Grab the vinyl from Team Love. Breakfast In Fur's contributions are also available digitally from Bandcamp.

Breakfast In Fur - "Whisper" (from Die Pfalz)

Die Pfalz - Various Artists

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