December 2, 2011

Nallo: Minneapolitan Ramshackle Fuzz

Minneapolis trio Nallo play with a wonderfully warm and ramshackle sound. I first stumbled onto the group via the two-minute garage-born barn-burner "Submarines" over on Rollo Grady. That track doesn't so much play as it does blast off rocket-ship like with ferociously beaten drums, swinging guitars, and loosely harmonized vocals. The band's most recent offering, "Wine," is a slower-paced gem that showcases a more intimate side of the group. Over a rattle of tambourine, a strummed acoustic, and a touch of organ, the band's throaty chorus of voices come across like a late-night offering of faded memories passed around a campfire. There's a simplistic charm to these songs that makes them both refreshing and quickly re-playable. Keep an eye out for the group's forthcoming full-length.

Nallo - "Wine" 
Nallo - "Submarines" 

Fate (Bonus Track Version) - Dr. Dog

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