January 3, 2012

Blake Mills & Danielle Haim cover The Beatles & Bob Dylan

Los Angles shredder and songwriter extraordinaire Blake Mills—whose 2010 record Break Mirrors inspired the creation of our own Analog imprint—has been keeping busy touring with and opening for Lucinda Williams, playing shows with his former bandmates in Dawes, and recording a few exceptionally sharp covers with fellow musician (and girlfriend) Danielle Haim. Over on Mills' new website, you can snag an ace rendition of The Beatles' "Come Together," which features some killer guitar and percussive work by the pair. For Amnesty International's Chimes of Freedom compilation—which features 76 Bob Dylan covers by artists as varied as Patti Smith, Pete Seeger, and My Morning Jacket—Mills and Haim contributed an even more stunning cover in the form of Dylan's "Heart of Mine," an overlooked track culled from the 1981 born-again era record Shot of Love. Fuck She & Him, it's Haim and Mills time. It's not easy taking on behemoths like The Beatles and Dylan, and these two seemingly do it with ease: artful, confidant, and classy every step of the way.

Purchase Amnesty International's Chimes of Freedom compilation here

Blake Mills & Danielle Haim - "Come Together"

Blake Mills & Danielle Haim - "Heart of Mine"

Blake Mills

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  1. "Fuck She & Him, it's Haim and Mills time." You speak such truth.