August 2, 2011

Video: Port St. Willow w/ Peter Silberman - "Calm"

Portland, Oregon's Nick Principe, who records under the moniker Port St. Willow, recorded a Shaking Through session with his childhood friend Peter Silberman of the Antlers this past winter. The result was the stunning and nuanced "Stay Even." The pair recently returned to Philadelphia for a live performance of "Stay Even" and a handful of other tracks at Miner Street Recordings for Weathervane's new Private Studio Concert series, which helps raise money for the organization. After the jump, watch Principe and Silberman tackle the slow-burning and falsetto-laden R&B jam "Calm."

Port St. Willow - "Stay Even" (from Shaking Through)
Port St. Willow - "Even" (from Even // Wasteland)

Port St. Willow

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