August 24, 2011

Nurses - "Trying To Reach You"

Portland avant-pop weirdos Nurses have released another single from their forthcoming Dracula LP, out September 20th via Dead Oceans. A funky syncopated bass line and a few lightly played piano chords form the basic foundation for "Trying To Reach You," a near Prince-like R&B turn colored with a psychedelic tapestry of erratic percussion, polyphonic vocal harmony, and innumerable other chirps and burps of effect-driven wizardry. The track also happens to be one of Nurses' more straightforward concoctions to date—a pop number that takes its hooks as seriously as its experimentation.

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Nurses - "Trying To Reach You" (from Dracula)
Nurses - "Fever Dreams" (from Dracula)


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