August 3, 2011

Mercury Rev feat. Dean Wareham - "Car Wash Hair"

After having a discussion on Twitter last week about the lack of Luna vinyl in the world and the desperate need for some re-pressings, I stumbled through a black-hole of Luna factoids and into the arms of "Car Wash Hair" by Buffalo, New York band Mercury Rev. The track features a rather hypnotic Dean Wareham guesting on lead guitar in-between his gigs fronting Galaxie 500 and Luna. I know little about Mercury Rev—I was 6 years old in 1991 when "Car Wash Hair" was originally released—but over the weekend I developed a serious infatuation for this nearly 8-minute-long groove. Released first as a single, then as a secret bonus track on Yerself Is Steam, and again on Lego My Ego, "Car Wash Hair" is an epic and mesmerizing slow jam sprinkled with everything from eerily distorted and psychedelic guitars to organ, trumpet, and flute. The track also boasts this excellent and periscopic lyric regarding band culture and fandom:
Catchin' a ride from a band
I sat in the back of the van.
They tried to make me understand
That if I'm not in a band, don't mean I'm square
And if I am, well then I don't care.

Listen to the track below and, after the jump, watch the accompanying it's-so-90s-it-hurts music video.

Mercury Rev feat. Dean Wareham - "Car Wash Hair" (from Lego My Ego)

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Mercury Rev

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  1. Good way to describe it "so 90s it hurts!" But the song is timeless.