July 25, 2011

TV Girl :: Benny & The Jetts EP

TV Girl—the San Diego duo that crafted a delectable pop treat over Todd Rundgren's "Hello, It's Me," and then proceeded to get into a bit of hot water over it—continue to blur copyright lines with a new EP titled Benny and The Jetts, after the Elton John classic. Samples abound in the new four-track EP, but so do the blissful and ear-pleasing pop hooks that make standouts like "Baby You Were There" a welcome addition to any summer playlist.

Download the EP here. Grab the band's previous releases via Bandcamp.

TV Girl - "Baby You Were There" (from Benny and The Jetts EP)
TV Girl - "Benny and The Jets" (from Benny and The Jetts EP)

Elton John


  1. nice tunes thanks!

  2. loved "if you want it: and benny is great too

  3. Absolutely no mention of Bob Dylan's 'Sign on the Window' in the post. Back to music school for Matt Carr I think.

  4. Thank you! That seriously bugged me when I posted this back in July. I knew "Benny and The Jets" was sampling a Dylan song, but I just could not place which one. 'New Morning' is an absolute favorite of mine, so I should have recognized "Sign On The Window."

    Back to music school, indeed...