July 19, 2011

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Something In The Way" (Nirvana)

SPIN may not know how to put together halfway decent album art, but the magazine has been known to compile an entertaining tribute album (see the Purple Rain tribute featuring Sharon Jones and Mariachi El Bronx). Today, the magazine released it's ode to the 20th anniversary of Nevermind with a collection of covers by groups like Surfer Blood, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Telekinesis. While there are some serious duds on the album, there are also some clear winners, like Charles Bradley's funkification of "Stay Away." No entry however is more convincing than JEFF The Brotherhood's take on "Something In The Way." The Orralls recorded their rendition to cassette tape with a hammering of guitar fuzz, giving the track its proper muddy 90s rock sound. Or as Jake put it: "The idea was to take the least heavy song on Nirvana's least heavy album and give it the JEFF treatment -- make it real doomy. That's all we know how to do!"

Download the entire album for free at SPIN's Facebook page.

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Something In The Way" (from Newermind)

JEFF the Brotherhood

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