July 21, 2011

Girls - "Vomit"

"Looking for love," sings Girls' frontman Christopher Owens over a soaring vocal harmony and heavy crunches of guitar fuzz. If Girls were once the little band you kept in your back pocket, the brand-spanking new "Vomit" suggests a stadium might make a more appropriately-sized fit for the San Franciscan's forthcoming second full-length together, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. From the organ play to the spectacular lead guitar and gospel-tinged backup vocals, "Vomit" is an epic track in just about every way. Who would have ever thought the band that wrote "Lust For Life" would one day generate comparisons to the likes of Pink Floyd? Well, it's happening.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is out September 13th. Pre-order it here.

Girls - "Vomit" (from Father, Son, Holy Ghost)


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