July 7, 2011

Girls :: Record 3 :: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

San Francisco’s Girls are set to release their third record together and second full-length on September 13th, titled Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Girls' core of Christopher Owens and Chet White recorded the album together in a San Francisco office building along with drummer Darren Weiss, guitarist John Anderson, a roomful of amplifiers, and a stack of transistor-based recording equipment. Since dropping their debut Album in 2009, Owens and company have quickly become one of independent pop music's most potent voices with a perfectly balanced arsenal of classic and contemporary rock sounds. File this release under "can't fucking wait."

Girls - "Broken Dreams Club" (Live at KDHX)
Girls - "Lovelife" (Live at KDHX)

Checkout the LP's track list after the jump.

1. Honey Bunny
2. Alex
3. Die
4. Saying I Love You
5. My Ma
6. Vomit
7. Just A Song
8. Magic
9. Forgiveness
10. Love Like A River
11. Jamie Marie



  1. first play, already lovin' it. Glorious, joyful, eclectic, and I'm only up to track 8!

  2. @Anon 8:47 Wow were like the same person, 'cept I'm on track nine. It has such a range already from acoustic, psychedelic, hard rock...