July 22, 2011

Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs"

Toronto musician John O'Regan debuted his solo project Diamond Rings with "All Yr Songs," a straight pop injection that's as playful and fun as it is warm and endearing. Originally released in August of 2009 on his own boutique label Hype Lighter, the song has become a quintessential summer anthem for me with its silly and easy to sing-along lyrics ("Cause in the summer weather, we put sunscreen on together / I would not want your skin to burn") and insistent acoustic strum and drum machine beat. While much of the music that saturates blogs everyday will soon fade into the ether, "All Yr Songs"—a simple pop ditty amidst an abyss of more complicated and more produced music—will be sticking around. It's just a little love song, but it was built to last.

Diamond Rings - "All Yr Songs" (from Diamond Rings / PS I Love You 7")

After the jump, watch O'Regan's equally endearing dance moves and basketball jersey wardrobe.

Diamond Rings

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  1. I love Diamond Rings’ cool style and, eventhough it’s not what I would normally have in my playlist, his music is quite entertaining. His dress sense, minimalistic adornment of jewellery and accessories, and artistic demeanor make him a class act. It’s like he took something out of the 80’s and made it cool once again and yet, nobody has done it quite like him!