June 22, 2011

Your New Favorite Band: Hundred Visions

Matt Oliver's Twitter account continues to dish out excellent musical recommendations. After introducing me to the new "Wino Strut" single by his former Sound Team bandmate Bill Baird, Oliver mentioned a band he'd recently recorded at his Big Orange Studio in Austin for Daytrotter: Hundred Visions. The band, also from Austin, is a juggernaut of rollicking drums, deeply rhythmic guitars, and resonant and wailing vocals. Over the course of the debut three-song "Last Cab From Tunis" 7", it's easy to fall under the spell of Hundred Visions' ferociously propelled post-punk fuzz, Southern-brewed funk, and playful sprinklings of cowbell and handclaps. And according to their Daytrotter session, they sound even better live. Clearly, this is a band that's going places. Make sure to grab Hundred Visions' Daytrotter set and buy their digital 7" (with accompanying vinyl on the way) from Bandcamp.

Hundred Visions - "Arpeggiator" (Fugazi cover via Daytrotter)
Hundred Visions - "Never Saw A Man" (Daytrotter)

Hundred Visions

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