June 13, 2011

Analog Edition Zine: The Role of the 7" in 90s Lo-fi Rock

Every week, one article from the print edition of the Analog Edition Zine will be added online, until all 64 pages are available.

This week, check out "The Role of the 7-inch in the Lo-fi Rock Movement of the Early 90s or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Hiss" by Jason Dean of the daily blog, 7 Inches. In his detailed and insightful history, Dean argues that "Lo-fi democratized the music of the time, a musical revolution as important as the psychedelic evolution of The Beatles or The Ramones' invention of punk rock."

After the jump, read Dean's article and listen to a selection of the lo-fi cuts he discusses by bands like The Mountain Goats, Smog, and Pavement. If you missed it last week, you can also read an interview with JEFF The Brotherhood's Jake Orrall on his family's up-and-coming Nashville label, Infinity Cat Records.

Pavement - "You're Killing Me"

Sentridoh - "Good In Others"

Smog - "Turb"

The Mountain Goats - "Going To Hungary"

Palace / Will Oldham - "Gezundheit"

If you dig what we're doing, please support Analog Edition and buy a physical copy of the zine. Only 100 were printed, and after that, they're gone forever.

Lou B's Wasted Pieces '87-'93 - Sentridoh

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