May 17, 2011

Video: Sharon Van Etten, Justin Vernon, Megafaun & Fight The Big Bull - "Tribulations"

Last weekend, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, Sharon Van Etten, Megafaun, and Fight the Big Bull joined forces for a beautiful rendition of "Tribulations" at the MusicNow festival in Cincinatti. The performance was part of Sounds of The South, an evening of re-imaginings of the songs ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax recorded and collected during his early travels in the south. If you like what you hear, Mississippi Records in Portland, OR is currently reissuing Lomax's recordings on vinyl. Watch the incredible collaboration after the jump.


  1. I initially had this song labeled as "Sounds of The South," but it's actually called "Tribulations." Sounds of The South is the name of the Alan Lomax collection the song is on.

  2. Here's a link to stream the original, recorded by Lomax (under Disc 3):