May 6, 2011

Other Lives :: Tamer Animals

Recorded in Stillwater, Oklahoma over a 14 month period, Other Lives' sophomore effort Tamer Animals is a dense, detailed, and carefully crafted effort that washes over the listener with layers of harmony and an empty auditorium's worth of reverb. Although inarguably beautiful, the atmosphere of the record is much darker than your average folk record. Songs like "Old Statues" and "For 12" are as grand and richly told as they are gothic, haunting, and chilling. The cold sweeping chorus of voices and army of percussion in "As I Lay My Head Down" would be perfectly suited for soundtracking a silent black and white film. Like much of the album, the song is filled with evocative and mysterious imagery and layers of shadowy movement—the perfect accompaniment for a dark starless night around a campfire.

Other Lives - "For 12" (from Tamer Animals)
Other Lives - "Tamer Animals" (from Tamer Animals)


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