May 19, 2011

Look Out For: The Night Beats

I caught the Night Beats last night in an opening slot for JEFF The Brotherhood and the Greenhornes, and man, were they great. The Seattle via Texas trio play psychedelic garage rock dredged in the urgency and fervor of great punk music. The manic drumming of James Traeger and the adept play of bassist Tarek Wegner make for a heavy foundation for lead guitarist and singer Lee Blackwell to basically go nuts over. When Blackwell's not wailing on his guitar ripping intricate blues riffs, he's howling away like some Marc Bolan meets Robert Plant hell demon. Look out for the band's debut LP this summer via Chicago's Trouble In Mind.

The Night Beats - "Ain't Dumbo"
The Night Beats - "Dial 666"

Night Beats

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